I come from a long line of leather holster artisans. My ancestors began making holsters in Italy over one hundred years ago. When my grandfather brought his family to America, he opened a small holster shop at 270 Lafayette Street in New York City. The business thrived and my father and uncle joined him. It grew into a much larger enterprise than Grandpa ever imagined.

I grew up listening to the men’s shop talk. I loved the shop and spent as much time there as I could. After high school I went to work there. The business kept growing and winning bids on bigger government contracts, resulting in cost-cutting designs, less expensive materials and working in larger volumes at a faster pace. The gorgeous, expensive hides were sacrificed and no one had time for my ideas for a faster, cleaner draw or beautiful new designs. For me, it just sapped all of the joy out of making holsters, something I was born to love. I had to strike out on my own. I opened my own holster shop, Cobra Gunskin. I devoted countless hours to working side by side with my close friend and mentor, Andy Anderson, holster maker to the stars, soaking up his renowned expertise in designing and hand crafting the world’s finest holsters. His influence can be found in each and every item I design.

The Cobra Gunskin Holster:

Our leather holsters are made of full grain, flawless, natural steer hides handpicked from only the finest American tanneries. Our hybrids are a combination of this same, top quality leather and the highest quality synthetics that have become so popular recently. Finally, our fully synthetic holsters, again, are made of all the same high quality synthetic, Kydex. I have a staff of handpicked, highly skilled master craftsmen, who oversee every stage of each holster’s creation.


We are very excited about our new Carroll Shelby line of holsters, each of which is a fresh, new design with an emphasis on high performance and physical beauty which mirrors the renowned automobile icon’s hallmarks of his beloved, unequalled line of Shelby cars.

The name Cobra Gunskin is a tribute to Carroll Shelby’s Cobra, my favorite car since I laid eyes upon it. I contacted Mr. Shelby’s offices and the master graciously agreed to speak with me. We talked about a new line of holsters I had in mind, and after he received the holsters and belts I made for him, he invited us to enter into a licensing agreement under which we now offer these unique, top of the line gun holsters and accessories.

So far we have introduced several new items in this line, many of which were personally approved by Carroll Shelby. As we hoped, our customers have been thrilled with our Shelby holsters and the orders for more just keep pouring in.

We join the rest of the world in mourning the loss of this great American automotive icon and generous friend. I will always strive to support his legacy in my own small way by offering only our finest items in the Carroll Shelby line.

A Few Facts About Carroll Shelby

  • Best known for his AC Cobra and Mustang style high performance cars, Carroll Shelby was also a race car driver, winning the La Mans.
  • His racing team won the La Mans two more times. Shelby American is the first and only American company to win the World FIA Manufacturer’s GT Championship.
  • Just as Carroll Shelby designed his cars for speed and performance, I design Cobra Gunskin’s holsters for speed and performance.

Customer Satisfaction

I still hear from satisfied customers who continue to enjoy the Cobra Gunskin holsters they bought decades ago. I received a letter last year from someone who purchased one of the first Cobra Gunskin holsters to hit the market. He even included a photograph of the holster, he loved it so much.

My trademark is my signature, backed, of course, with my Cobra Gunskin lifetime guarantee. When you purchase a Cobra Gunskin Classics or Carroll Shelby line holster or accessory, you become a member of the Cobra Gunskin family, entitled to the very best gun gear money can buy and first rate customer service whenever you need it. Ask any Cobra Gunskin customer you know. They will tell you they’ve enjoyed their Cobra Gunskin and Carroll Shelby holsters thanks to their functionality, comfort and the security of our famous lifetime guarantee.