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  1. pigletrobert

    I have to admit that I was optimistic but skeptical of your holsters. From the advertisement the holsters look great. I figured if Carroll Shelby, who has redefined the muscle car in America, is connected with this holster I’ll give it a shot.
    I ordered a couple and they showed up within a few days of the order. The immediate fit was nice but the real surprise was wearing the holster with the gun. Fantastic fit, keeps the gun snug against my body. I almost forget my gun is there! The holster looks as good as the advertisement.
    I’ve been carrying a gun for over 25 years everyday. I’ve tried holsters from almost every maker out there. Only a couple have stayed in my normal rotation. This is my new everyday carry holster for my HK USP Compact along with the matching Magazine Pouch. New Classic look, sturdy construction and fair price, I can’t ask for anything else from a holster!